Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

What does a vacation rental cleaner do?

Pro Build Cleaning goes above and beyond what you would anticipate from a standard house cleaning company and specializes in cleaning vacation rentals. Our housekeepers are skilled in handling a higher standard of service, including:
  1. Removing the previous guests’ dirty linens
  2. Disinfecting surfaces after visitors have left.
  3. Washing and storing any dirty dishes.
  4. A complete cleaning of the bathrooms’ sinks, showers, and tubs.
  5. Taking out all of the garbage and recycling.
  6. Dusting and cleaning all surfaces in the home.
  7. Vacuuming all floors and carpets.
  8. Mopping all hard floors.
  9. Cleaning all windows and mirrors.
  10. Doing any laundry that needs to be done.
The toilets, sink areas, and shower will all be cleaned by your cleaner. All amenities and paper will be replaced, and any used towels and bathmats will be collected for washing.

This includes changing the sheets, washing the towels and linens, wiping down all appliances and cleaning out any nooks that a regular household clean may overlook. A vacation rental clean is actually closer to deep cleaning a home than doing weekly chores.


Your vacation rental guests deserve the best. You want to leave a lasting impression and earn repeat business. You need a cleaning company that can manage the fast-paced vacation rental business. Both you and your guests can expect Pro Build Cleaning to exceed their needs. Vacation rental cleaning should be thorough, efficient, fast, and minimize downtime between check-in and checkout.


Keeping a vacation rental clean is important, especially if it’s a short-term rental. A sparkling property means a great guest experience. It also helps you maintain a good image. Clean rentals are a basic expectation for guests. You understand the importance and time it takes to turn around a vacation rental. To maximize your profits, you must get another guest in immediately after one guest leaves.


Your space must be cleaned thoroughly before any guests can enter. Pro Build Cleaning is your answer to your vacation rental cleaning needs. Our goal is to clean your rental in a quick, efficient, and thorough way.


To ensure that we have completed all required cleaning tasks, we use detailed checklists to make sure everything is cleaned to your satisfaction before any new renters arrive. We are confident that we are the best, and will prove it to our customers. We offer free estimates before we begin any job. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a detailed plan of action.


Our team is trained in making observations during, after, and before cleans. After the clean is complete, our team submits a post cleaning inspection report to our operations department. This will inform us if there is a lightbulb out, a leak under the sink, or if the battery in your electronic lock is low. We make sure we note any low supplies before we leave so that our next guests always have enough. 


As a manager or owner of a vacation rental, you know the importance of providing a clean environment for your guests. Your guests will not be satisfied with a property that is beautiful and has all the amenities they could want but lacks in cleanliness. If they aren’t happy, it will be evident in their reviews. Your guests should feel safe and comfortable in a clean, hygienic environment to get glowing reviews.

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